Hello, hello, my darling precious sweet angel followers who are still inexplicably following me even though I haven’t touched my blog in a few months. Sorry about that.

I made another blog last week (maybe?) called thefearsomeworrier.tumblr.com, so you can reach me there if you need to. 

Thanks for being awesome :)


I”m taking a break from tumblr. It’s June and I really need to focus on my schoolwork and I’m not really enjoying myself the way I used to on here. I’ve unfollowed everyone that I’ve been following (please don’t be offended!) because I just need a break. It might be indefinite. It might not. Thanks for everything, I love you guys :)

I just finished watching The Reichenbach Fall episode of Sherlock and I cannot control my emotions and I’m crying and confused and I. Don’t. Understand. What. Happened.

My mother gave me the worst cold in the history of all illnesses. I can hardly breathe. I’ve been giving her accusatory glares every time I hack up a lung but I don’t think she’s been noticing.